You can use canarchy with different tools.

It is designed and tested on Linux but one might be able to use it on windows or OSX as well.

Feedback on those platforms is appreciated, please don’t expect us to add support for them on our own.


To use canarchy with native CANbus support on linux you need to bridge the serial interface to a /dev/can<N> interface. slcand does this.

Install it with something like:

apt install can-utils

This will install a handful of very useful CANbus utilities for linux.

To create a can interface and call it /dev/can1 and bind it to /dev/ttyACM0 (this might be another interface for you)

-o is important, it sends a special opening sequence that CANarchy will parse to enable the slcand subsystem

-c sends a close comand once slcand terminates

-s5 is 250000 kbps symbolrate on the CANbus, this might be different for your

To start the slcand open a terminal and type:

sudo slcand -o -c -s5 /dev/ttyACM0 can1

sudo ip link set up can1

candump / canreplay

candump is a handy tool thats included in the can-utils package

candump can1


A nice software written in JAVA, that is helpful while debugging blackbox CANbus systems